Peeling an Artichoke

Design Notes: When searching for an image to feature on the cover, I didn't have to look farther than the title. For the non-fiction interior, the page headers in each chapter change to match the chapter heading. As a first time author, I did an extensive internet search for reliable and excellent creative formatting services. … Continue reading Peeling an Artichoke

Teaching in the Spirit

Design Notes: A cheerful presentation of a serious subject, teaching young children, written by a teacher for teachers.

Yosemite Farewell

Design Notes: Author JoAnn Levy obtained permission from the California State Library to use ‘Indian Woman Panning Out Gold,’ from Hutchings’ Illustrated California Magazine, Vol. III, 1859 on the front cover. The title font is based on the Clarendon font registered by Robert Besley and the Fann Street Foundry in 1845. Inside, rather than using … Continue reading Yosemite Farewell

Teacher Growth Trajectory

Design Notes: Dr. Sternberg wanted a plain cover for his text book, so a neutral blue with a discreet shadow was used. The introduction is numbered with roman numerals. Each chapter title is repeated in the headers. The forms in the appendices were also provided in an 8.5" x 11" pdf for download and use … Continue reading Teacher Growth Trajectory

Game On

Design Notes: The sailing ship motif was used on the title page, chapter start pages, and as a decorative element on the inside margins of the photo gallery. Note the rope font used for the chapter number. The print versions of Game On (hard cover and trade paperback) showcase 34 full-colour images, each framed and captioned. … Continue reading Game On

Thinking Hands

Design Notes: A complex non-fiction project with auto-updated endnotes and a layered index. It's hard to find someone who knows MS Word as much as Joan does, when it comes to book formatting. I am a freelance writer and project manager, so to speak, for a 2015 indie book, titled Thinking Hands (covering Canadian medical … Continue reading Thinking Hands

Divine Echoes of Eternity

Design Notes: Typically, page numbers are placed in the top margin of all pages, excluding pages that start a chapter. Because this project is mostly chapters of only two pages, very few pages ended up with numbers. So confusing. Moving the page numbers to the bottom margin solved the problem. I have appreciated the professional job … Continue reading Divine Echoes of Eternity