Game On

Design Notes: The sailing ship motif was used on the title page, chapter start pages, and as a decorative element on the inside margins of the photo gallery. Note the rope font used for the chapter number. The print versions of Game On (hard cover and trade paperback) showcase 34 full-colour images, each framed and captioned.
Game On Excerpt
Gallery Excerpt

When I looked for someone who could help me design and format the pages of my first book I had hoped to find someone who was at best, a high quality bronze.

In Joan, I found pure Gold.

Being my first book there were times when I stumbled and Joan was quick to pick me up, dust me off and point me in the right direction. In addition to being a very creative and talented book designer, she is also a wonderful human being with a big heart.

In short, I would say Joan is as good as it gets!

~Woody Wilkins, Author of Game On

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