Between “The End” and The Upload

Congratulations! You’ve just typed “The End” after a long journey through the creative process. Now you want to get published. You know about the traditional publishers. You’ve heard about the success and the struggle of self-publishing. You want to know more before you decide on which path to pursue.

Or you’re already self-published and you’re still confused about the process.

Wherever you’re at, you have questions. Where do I go from here? How do I get my book on the shelves, electronic or bricks & mortar? Where should I load my files? What kind of files do I need? What needs to be done before I announce my release date?

In this book, consisting of lessons, assignments, and worksheets, we’ll answer the endless questions between typing “The End” and pushing the Publish button on a vendor’s website.

Topics include:

  • Polish: Find the right editor for you. Learn four copyediting methods that you can do on your computer.
  • Prepare: Cover designers, formatters, narrators, there’s lots of ways to spend your money. Why, who, when, how much to pay? Where do you find them?
  • Protect: Do you need to register a copyright? What are ISBNs? Who owns what piece of your book? Is piracy preventable?
  • Price: Pick a number, any number? Ebook and print book pricing models are explained.
  • Print: Trimming, binding, bleeding… the jargon explained.
  • Publish: How many ways can you sell a book? Go wide or exclusive? To print or not to print?

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Each lesson was inspiring for any medium, but I want to say thank you for encouraging people to print their books. Holding your published work in your hand is an emotional experience. The information you’ve shared through the lessons and your responses to our homework have been a great help and I would be glad to recommend your class to anyone who is thinking of self-publishing. The road to self-publishing is a tough road if you do it alone. Thanks for being here for us. ~ KJ Ten Eyck

What a wonderful class. So much information and I have self-pubbed before. I’m fine tuning my metadata and looking at so many new options. Again, an extremely valuable course and I’m glad I joined you. I’d take another class with you anytime. ~ Ane Ryan Walker

Lots of information that I would not have garnered on my own. Your curriculum is well planned. I feel more confident with each lesson. Thank you. ~ J.M. Orise

I’ve read every lesson & kept them for future reference. This was an amazing workshop chock full of incredibly useful information. Joan is an amazing presenter and teacher. I’ve taken a couple other workshops by her and I have always learned valuable info & gotten wonderful, important feedback. ~ N. Christine Samuelson