Formatting Services


You’ve written a book. You’ve worked hard at your craft and honed your story to perfection. You’ve learned all the marketing techniques to leap onto every bestseller list. You’ve decided to self-publish your work of fiction. Congratulations on completing your long journey!

All you need to do now is get your books onto the shelves; online, libraries and bookstores. Easier said than done.

Woven Red Author Services can help you.

We will convert your Microsoft Word document into ready-to-load files for online retailers and distributors; e.g., Kobo, KDP (Amazon), Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive. Woven Red also designs beautiful print book interiors for uploading to KDP, IngramSpark and other printing services.

NEW SERVICE: Zoom (interactive video) consultation! 

Ask Joan Anything about getting your book ready to self-publish; interior design, covers, distribution, etc. While you’re thinking about it, check out the FAQ pages for lots of information. $50 per hour.

Format Types done by Woven Red

Non-fiction, a specialty

  • memoir
  • self-help
  • instructional/text book


  • short story, novella, novel
  • contest entry
  • agent/editor submission
  • anthology
  • excerpt booklet
  • children’s chapter books
  • children’s picture books
  • poetry

Turnaround time is typically three to five business days. 

What’s included in each format?


  • Embedded cover art, metadata, and ISBN
  • Clickable table of contents
  • Flowable text compatible with most ereaders and apps
  • Chapters start on new pages
  • Scene breaks highlighted with triple asterisks (***)
  • Embedded links to your website and social media
  • Embedded images for upcoming releases and author bio
  • Files delivered
    • mobi file for loading to Amazon’s publishing arm, Kindle Direct Publishing
    • epub file for loading to all other retailers; Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, etc and distributors; Draft2Digital and Smashwords
    • Note: KDP will accept an epub file though some reviewers still want mobi for their own ease of loading. More info on formats…
  • Linked bibliography, index, and endnotes for non-fiction works

Print Book

  • Custom title page
  • Professionally formatted front and back matter
  • Optional table of contents
  • Multi-level table of contents for non-fiction works
  • Custom page headers or footers
  • Chapters start on new pages
  • Chapter headings in customized decorative fonts
  • Scene breaks highlighted with decorative elements
  • Optional ornaments or images to embellish chapter starts and title page
  • Optional small caps, raised caps or drop caps to open each chapter
  • Files delivered
    • PDF formatted to KDP Print and IngramSpark guidelines

Non-fiction also includes

  • multi-layered chapter and section headings
  • multi-layered table of contents
  • chapter and section page headers
  • lists, tables, charts, forms
  • boxed text, side bars
  • lines or spaces for reader notes
  • bibliography, references, indexes built from provided footnotes
  • photos, graphics, illustrations for additional fees


Covers and Swag

Covers and swag (bookmarks, postcards) are also available as part of a complete package for your book

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