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You’ve written a book. You’ve worked hard at your craft and honed your story to perfection. You’ve learned all the marketing techniques to leap onto every bestseller list. You’ve decided to self-publish your work of fiction. Congratulations on completing your long journey!

All you need to do now is get your books onto the shelves; online, libraries and bookstores. Easier said than done.

Woven Red Author Services can help you.

We will convert your Microsoft Word document into formats suitable for uploading to Kobo Writing Life, Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, and other fine retailers and distributors. Woven Red also designs beautiful book interiors for uploading to KDP Print, IngramSpark and other printing services.


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Format Types done by Woven Red


  • memoir
  • self-help
  • instructional/text book


  • short story, novella, novel
  • contest entry
  • agent/editor submission
  • anthology
  • excerpt booklet
  • children’s chapter books
  • children’s picture books
  • poetry

Turnaround time is typically three to five business days. 

Contest Entry and Agent/Editor Submission

  • Standardized format for all contests including the Golden Heart
  • Cover page included

eBook Formatting

  • Embedded cover art, metadata, and ISBN
  • Clickable table of contents
  • Flowable text compatible with most ereaders and apps
  • Chapters start on new pages
  • Scene breaks highlighted with triple asterisks (***)
  • Embedded links to your website and social media
  • Embedded images for upcoming releases and author bio
  • Files delivered
    • mobi file for loading to Amazon’s publishing arm, Kindle Direct Publishing
    • epub file for loading to all other retailers; Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, etc and distributors; Draft2Digital and Smashwords
  • Linked bibliography, index, and endnotes for non-fiction works

Print Book Interior Design

  • Custom title page
  • Professionally formatted front and back matter
  • Optional table of contents
  • Multi-level table of contents for non-fiction works
  • Custom page headers or footers
  • Chapters start on new pages
  • Chapter headings in customized decorative fonts
  • Scene breaks highlighted with decorative elements
  • Optional ornaments or images to embellish chapter starts and title page
  • Optional small caps, raised caps or drop caps to open each chapter
  • Files delivered
    • PDF formatted to KDP Print and IngramSpark guidelines

Non-fiction projects include

  • multi-layered chapter and section headings
  • multi-layered table of contents
  • chapter and section page headers
  • lists, tables, charts, forms
  • boxed text, side bars
  • lines or spaces for reader notes
  • bibliography, references, indexes built from provided footnotes
  • photos, graphics, illustrations for additional fee

Covers and Swag

Covers and swag (bookmarks, postcards) are also available as part of a complete package for your book.

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