Poems of Love and the Sea

Design Notes: It was a delight to use one of Gloria’s own paintings for the cover image. Why cover such a beautiful image with a back cover blurb? Poetry can be tricky to place just right; text boxes can help.

Poems of Love and the Sea Excerpt
cover Pbook

I recently had occasion to use Joan’s formatting services, and so came into direct contact with her as she formatted my book of poems for publication, in ebook form as well as in print.

I am so grateful to her for making her formatting process easy for me to understand, answering my numerous emails with patience, as if she instinctively knew that publishing a type of book for the first time is a process that is different for each person. She took great care to place each poem in its best possible position on the page and to make certain no verse line was continued that was not meant to be. This is very important to a free verse poet.

Also, the knowledge and expertise with which Joan met the various security barriers the publisher placed before us and her talent and professionalism made it an enjoyable experience for me. I was very happy with the perfect, finished product.

Gloria Gay, Author of Poems of Love and the Sea

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