Why Do a Print Book?


Why pay extra to have a print book formatted and covered when ebooks sell so much better?
It all comes down to a story.  😉

Imagine this…

You’re sitting at a book-signing with about fifty other authors. The room is buzzing with excitement and energy. Hundreds of readers are strolling the room, laughing and chatting to favourite authors. They’re also on the hunt for new favourites.

If you’re an e-book only author, you have clever colourful postcards fanned out on the table with links and a QR code leading directly to your website or your vendors. There’s even a discount code. Your smile is friendly, your pen is in hand, ready to sign.

Except people are going right by you and stopping three authors down where there’s a stack of books.

Why are they doing that? Your story is as good, possibly better, than that other writer.

People strolling a book-signing are drawn to real books; they can pick them up, touch them, pay you and buy a real thing. There’s a social interaction happening. Those same people aren’t drawn to post cards; there’s no heft to them. All too often, valuable post cards are tossed away with all the other swag. A real book is kept and read and maybe passed around to family and friends or handed in to the local library.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

And nothing beats the absolute thrill of opening a box of your books. Your hours of effort and angst to craft the perfect story, the agony of decision over cover design, the conquering of IngramSpark or KDP Print, have all coalesced into your book in your hands.

It’s the BEST feeling ever!!