How to Preview Your Print Book

“I’m looking at the pdf of my print book and there are these random blank pages in the front and back… why?”

In professionally designed print books, certain pages are always placed on the right-hand side of the standard two-page layout: title page, dedication, acknowledgments, the start of the table of contents and the first pages of the epilogue, chapter one, author bio, book excerpts. Blank pages are inserted to ensure correct placement.

“But it still weird looking at a book one page at a time. It just doesn’t feel like a print book.”

Why not try looking at your book as if it was already printed—in two-page layout? To get there, with your book open in Adobe Acrobat, three clicks will do the job as shown in the screen shot. Because I have a big display, I also click on the negative sign to shrink the image a bit.

Now your pdf looks like a real print book. 🙂