I have been self-publishing for two years and it has been quite a journey!

The most important thing I have learned is to hire a professional for tasks you do not personally excel at.

I met Joan at a writer’s conference in Phoenix and was immediately impressed with the formatting and professional presentation of her books. I started using Woven Red Author Services right away and had her redo my first two books in my Catwalk Series.

One of the biggest challenges for me was converting files to epub but Joan handled that and made my print books look amazing. She has just finished my 4th book, Catwalk Seek, and I have two more to go in my series.

In the beginning, she took time to send me samples and help me decide which fonts would suit my novels, which tend to run over 100K words.

Sometimes I realize too late that I have a mistake, or she has caught an issue (multiple chapter elevens) and there has never been a problem correcting it and resending the files. The turnaround time is terrific, and she always meets the deadlines.

Now I don’t have the burden of page numbers gone astray or a table of contents that won’t line up, and I can put my efforts into writing and marketing.

Recently this was a topic of discussion at my California Writer’s Club meeting and I was handing out her website information to many eager authors. I highly recommend Woven Red Services for professional formatting, fair prices, and quick and efficient work.

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S.Q. Orpin