Kingsville Mysteries

Design Notes: All three books in this 1960s family mystery series were recovered and reformatted at the same time by Woven Red, resulting in a beautiful consistency outside and in. The background sketches on the  second and third books started as full-colour photographs. The same bird silhouettes were used on all three covers. I have … Continue reading Kingsville Mysteries

Narvadack book cover


Design Notes: Author Linda Smolarek had 41 charming illustrations by Maureen Heroux sprinkled throughout her children's book to highlight the plot. The larger illustrations were sized the full width of the page while the smaller images were nestled into the text. Using a canoe as a whimsical scene break completed this appealing book.

Catwalk Series

Design Notes: The author wanted to use images and fonts to brand her series of six books. After viewing three samples, Suzy chose a combination of sans serif and script fonts to express her feelings about her books. The shoe and heart image were provided by Suzy for her exclusive use at Woven Red. "Recently … Continue reading Catwalk Series

Above Scandal

Design Notes: My first project, my own book, with its new cover! When a chapter has a title, the table of contents can show both the chapter's number and its title. The cover image a father and daughter playing on the beach comes from altanaka via

Pirateship Down

Design Notes: The title page ornament is reminiscent of a compass rose. A list of works encourages a reader to read more. The table of contents lists only the titles of this collection of tidbits and short stories with chapters. This is how the table of contents for an anthology would be formatted.  

Wonderfully Wicked

Design Notes: The title and scene break ornament was selected to match the flourish of the W in Wicked on the front cover. The drop cap font is the same as the title page and chapter title. I looked through the PDF [print] file and got all tingly. It's so pretty! ~ CJ Burright, Author … Continue reading Wonderfully Wicked

Shift Happens

Design Notes: A dramatis personae (list of characters) can sort out your cast of characters. The design elements on the title page came from the cover artist. The layered chapter titles are managed in Word with two heading styles. Woven Red delivers prompt, efficient service with an eye for both design and detail... and all at … Continue reading Shift Happens

You Are Mine

Design Notes: A perfect example of how a single image can make a great cover. Did you know there are fonts for ransom notes? Just a bit unnerving. The cover image is by Kirill Linnik at Joan Frantschuk of Woven Red Author Services took my manuscript and made into a beautifully crafted book that I can proudly … Continue reading You Are Mine