Second Chance Dress

Design Notes: The short story is told from the perspective of a wedding dress that ends up in a charity shop window. The image was a lucky find from Csák István at This booklet prints landscape on letter-sized paper in such a way that when the pages are stacked and stapled through the middle, a booklet is created. Printed in full colour on high quality paper, it’s a great swag gift.

To mimic a real book, print the cover (the first two pages) on shiny paper and the rest on regular paper.

See how it’s done by downloading a FREE copy of Second Chance Dress Booklet. Follow these instructions to start the process. In the print preview window, you will see how the pages are laid out to print the perfect booklet. It looks rather odd, but it works!

To create your own excerpt booklet:

  1. In Word,
    1. copy/paste pages from your manuscript to set the page count evenly divisible by 4, e.g., 16, 20, 24. The maximum is 24; too many pages and the staples won’t go through.
    2. On the Page Layout Tab, click the expansion arrow (tiny arrow in bottom right corner) of the Page Setup group,
      1. on the Margins tab under Pages–Multiple Pages, select Book fold
      2. on the Paper tab, select Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
    3. save your file as a pdf
  2. In Adobe Acrobat or Reader, open the pdf file you’ve just created and follow these instructions.