Cheers and Tears

Smil-3DTwo events happened within two days with two very different messages.

First the tears.

The cover conveys a message to potential readers. The font is part of the message; mysterious, romantic, or fun.

For some clients, I use the cover font for the title page and chapter headings. It looks really good and gives a consistent experience to the reader.

Way cool, eh?

Cover designers are usually happy to provide the name of the font and I download my own copy.

Imagine my surprise when I found a font that, no matter where I looked, had a licence for personal use only. And, it happened to be a knock-off from a movie poster.


When you work with freelancer, ask for assurance that images AND fonts are legal and licensed for you purpose. Another font, legal and licensed for books was chosen and possible disaster was averted.


And, yes, Woven Red uses only fonts and images that are legal and licensed for selling books.

Now the cheers.

One of the most difficult things for a self-pubbed author is to get her books on bookstore shelves, real shelves down the street or around the corner.

A client called me to announce she’d been accepted to a large chain here in Canada. YIPPEE!!!

Her story is fabulous and the book wouldn’t have gone far without that special something, but the decision-maker was also impressed with the professional presentation of cover and interior design.

Interior design done by yours truly.

I’m so proud of both of us!

The messages?

  1. Buyer beware.
  2. Yes, it can happen!

Have you had, or heard of, a similar experience?

© 2015 Joan Leacott
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