What People Are Saying

About Mastering Word for Fiction writers

When using “find”, I used to be afraid of clicking on “more” because it seemed so confusing – now I actually know how to use it instead of staring at it, wondering, and then clicking “cancel” in a panic. ~Wendi S

Joan’s workshop was not only very well-paced, but it was also formatted to allow participants to progress on their own speed. Thank you for the useful resources and for such a well-prepared course. ~Debbie H

I love it. It has been so helpful. You answered all my questions extremely well. ~Marion B-B

I didn’t know some of this stuff, and I’m pretty good with Word. Thanks, Joan! ~Gina G

Good use and explanation of jargon…very clear instructions…you built on the basics, a good approach for learning… excellent instructor knowledge. Just wanted to say it was all good. Thanks, Joan. Even those of us who ‘know it all’ can learn something new. ~Susan H

Joan is an excellent instructor! I highly recommend her course. Even if you are already familiar with Word, you’ll be sure to learn something new! ~Martha R

Mastering Word for Fiction Writers is suitable for ALL levels of expertise. Go from “What if I do something wrong?” to “I know that!”.  Add powerful new tools to your tool box and bump up your efficiency.

About Between “The end” and the Upload

Each lesson was inspiring for any medium but I want to say thank you for encouraging people to print their books. Holding your published work in your hand is an emotional experience. The information you’ve shared through the lessons and your responses to our homework have been a great help and I would be glad to recommend your class to anyone who is thinking of self-publishing. The road to self-publishing is a tough road if you do it alone. Thanks for being here for us. ~ KJ Ten Eyck

What a wonderful class. So much information and I have self-pubbed before. I’m fine tuning my metadata and looking at so many new options. Again, an extremely valuable course and I’m glad I joined you. I’d take another class with you anytime. ~ Ane Ryan Walker

Lots of information that I would not have garnered on my own. Your curriculum is well planned. I feel more confident with each lesson. Thank you. ~ J.M. Orise

I’ve read every lesson & kept them for future reference. This was an amazing workshop chock full of incredibly useful information. Joan is an amazing presenter and teacher. I’ve taken a couple other workshops by her and I have always learned valuable info & gotten wonderful, important feedback. ~ N. Christine Samuelson

2 thoughts on “What People Are Saying

  1. Ane Ryan Walker says:

    I just finished up “Mastering Word for Fiction Writers” with Joan. Bar none, this is the best writing course I have ever taken. The ability to fully use the features of the program enriches my writing by making it less stressful. Wish I’d done this years ago. Thanks Joan for your expert guidance on this program. Ane Ryan Walker


  2. Hyacinthe Miller says:

    Belatedly, I’m working through the “Mastering Word for Fiction Writers” program offered recently by Joan Leacott via the Romantic Women’s Fiction group. I’ve been using Word for over twenty years but I now realize there was so much I didn’t know! Joan’s plain-language lessons were comprehensive, well illustrated and made sense. Her readiness to provide detailed answers to thorny/specific questions about a variety of Windows and Mac versions was incredibly helpful. She provided insights into this powerful but often infuriatingly quirky application with confidence and good humour. Kudos, Joan. I’m recommending your workshop to everyone I know who uses Word regularly.


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